Doyle Pre-ripper + Kuhn 300EL Cultitiller + Amazone ADP Super disc drill

This machine was designed to sow hemp. We found that uneven germination of hemp seed could be caused by uneven seed depths, compaction zones, wheel tracks or lack of seed to soil contact.

This lead to further complications as earlier germinating seedlings quickly overshadowed later seedlings, eventually killing them off.

This then culminated in a major issue at harvest – dead hemp plants tangled and clogged the CLAAS Jaguar and Kemper 4500 champion header (imagine trying to pull masses of baling twine from a Kemper front!!)

This machine completes a full 350mm deep aeration, 100-150mm cultivation, 2 rolls for soil consolidation, seed placement at 15mm depth on 125mm row spacings, and light cover harrowing.