Hemp Grain Processing Equipment

Doyle Ag & Fab have fabricated multiple frames, stands and walkways for Ananda Hemp Foods local processing factory including

  • Oil Press Stand + walkways
  • Westrup Shaker Table stand + walkways
  • Oil Seed Grader stand + walkways
  • 1 Tonne bag filling frames
  • General fabrication
  • Hot Dip Galvanising or 2-Pac painted

Industrial Hemp Fibre Processing Equipment

Doyle Ag & Fab have fabricated fibre processing Equipment for EcoFibre and Hemp Industries Australia including

  • Twin rotor knive millThis machine was designed to cut 600mm lengths of dry hemp stalks down to 20mm to initiate the process of separating the herd from the fibre. Commercial Euro built machines were found to be not up to the standard to reliably carry out the task. Built from Bis80, the design allowed for easy access to the rotors for quick blade replacement, and was fitted with adjustable stationary knives to suit processing requirements.

    Fitted into a 40’container, it’s sound and airflow is like kicking a Rolls Royce TurboFan into action – in fact, on initial startup it blew the hemp straight through the following 6m long trommell without touching the sides!

  • Grading Trommel – 6m long trommel for gently separating the processed herd from the fibre
  • Bale Teaser – for pulling apart 4’x3’x8′ large square bales for processing
  • Fibre shredder and conditioner – for breaking and removing herd from hemp stalks without cutting the fibre