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Our Story

Doyle Ag & Fabrication is owned and operated by Kris and Myf Doyle. They are the 8th generation to farm on properties at Vacy on the Paterson River in the Hunter Valley. This included operating the family dairy until 12 years ago.

Three generations of Doyle’s continue to operate the properties which includes a beef and hemp operation.

The Doyle’s have strong believes in environmentally and economically sustainable farming practices. They also place great emphasise on both strengthening their local community and on a broader scale, supporting Australia.


Kris’s strong interest in engineering and machinery was formed as a kid working on the dairy farm. The service, maintenance and continual modification of poorly designed farm machinery – all on a shoe-string budget – was never ending. This progressed into designing and fabricating his own machines that were more reliable and efficient than off-the-shelve gear available. The interest also included a two-year stint at an engineering degree, but the smell of the outdoors proved too strong.


Kris has over 20 years experience in providing agricultural contracting services in the Hunter Valley region of NSW including spreading, fodder conservation, tillage and seeding, general contracting, earth moving and fencing.

Resource Recovery

Kris has 12 years in the resource recovery industry including the reuse of bio-solids, food wastes, animal wastes and compost. This along with a passion inherited from his father Bob, of developing both environmental and economically sustainable farming practices, has seen the development of specialist machines for this industry.

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