SL6000 Smudger Leveller Land Plane

The SL6000 Smudger Leveller is a 6.0m wide Heavy Duty Land Leveller

  • 6000mm working width
  • 3150mm transport width
  • 3 x 300PFC levelling bars for maximum soil carrying capacity
  • Unique independently adjustable phased lift cylinders allow machine tilting for contouring/cutting while ensuring level-lift at all times
  • Long 2000m levelling frame combined with a 5000mm long effective length for excellent leveling capability
  • 4 x 285R75R16 AT tyres for flotation
  • 200x100x6mm RHS main frame
  • Front 3PL
  • Hot dip galvanised main frame
  • Bolted levelling frame
  • Optional bolt-in box grader frame