S&M Slurry Vacuum Tanker

The Ultimate in Vacuum Tanker Design

Doyle Ag is proud to be the importer for S&M Tankers from Ireland.

This Irish family business knows a thing a thing or two about vacuum tanker design – after all, they have honed their craft rebuilding sucked in competitor’s trailers.

  • Custom designed
  • Fitted standard with implosion rings and 3/4 baffles to prevent caving in under vacuum
  • Options
    • 5000-20,000 Litre tankers
    • Single Axle (up to 800/65R32) or Tandem axles (up to 710/50R26.5)
    • Full length chassis
    • Non-recessed / Recessed tanks
    • Galvanised or painted
    • Sprung drawbar with swivel toweye
    • Hydraulic vac pump
    • Access doors
    • Rock trap
    • Rear or Top delivery
    • Side loaders
    • Air or hydraulic brakes, handbrake
    • Rear 3PL or 4PL or access door implement mounts
    • Double trapped
    • Muffler/oil catch
    • Sight glass
    • LED lighting
  • These tankers can be customised for the industrial waste and recycling sectors by equipping with a DOYLE AG liquid waste soil injection unit.