DOYLE Ripper-Hiller (+ Roller)

This machine has been designed to replace a D8 dozer ripper-hiller, deep-ripping and hilling 2 tree-line rows at up to 3500mm bed spacings.

The machine will remove compaction in the root zone, create a seedbed shaped to your requirements and consolidate the seedbed to eliminate air pockets.

The tractor mounted unit (requires >300hp large framed tractor) can operate at travel speeds of up to 3x faster than a dozer mounted unit, and compared to a twin row-D8 mounted unit, has been found to use <15% of the fuel per hectare at an average work rate increase of >100% (+ 2x)

A typical work rate of 5.5ha/hr, fuel use of 22L/hr, and Adblue use of 2.3L/hr has been experienced behind a FENDT939.

This gain in efficiency meant the tractor mounted unit paid for itself in 1 year based on fuel use only!!

Plus, the machine folds to under 4.5m for faster and easier transport between sites, making the transport width narrower than a dual wheeled tractor on 710/60R42’s.

Machine specifications include

  • 2-Row Ripper Assembly
  • 3000-3600mm row width
  • 4400mm transport width
  • 200x200x12.5mm main toolbar
  • Hydraulic Shank assemblies with up to 6.5Tonne adjustable breakout
  • 32mm Bis400 800-1100mm shanks height with adjustable shank spacings
  • Spring release leading coulters
  • Self steering hiller linkage with automatic hydraulic sway lockout
  • Built-in toolboxes
  • Parking stands
  • 4-gang Hiller Assembly
  • 150x150x9mm hiller toolbar
  • 4x  sets of 3-disc gangs (700/700/650mm x 8mm discs) on 1-5/8″ shaft with oil-bath bearings
  • Height, width, ,spacing, pitch, angle and tilt adjustment for precise hill shaping
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Hydraulic fold
  • Roller assembly
  • 125x125x6mm toolbar
  • Adjustable height and row spacings
  • Twin crumble-bar rollers with 700mm wide x 400mm diameter rollers