RSS Rip-Strip-Sow

The RSS is designed for initiating Carbon Credit Sequestration through soil, biology and pasture improvement in virgin, unimproved or run-down country.

  • Mounted behind our DB Delta Bar rippers, the unit allows for strip tilling of each ripped line, addition of liquid fertiliser or biology enhancer, and seeding.
  • Couple with our Truck Tyred Roller for a complete finish.
  • 160mm wide tilled strip consolidates the rip lines, removes large air voids and provides a seedbed while retaining 75% of the existing pasture stand.
  • Star tillers on a suspended through shaft ensure positive drive while handling rocks/sticks etc.
  • Jetless liquid dribble lines for trouble free application of bio-digestates without the requirement of filter systems.
  • 120L or 300L 12V air seeder coupled to adjustable seeding units for sowing of various seed mixes from cereals to multi-specie mixes.
  • The Rip Strip Sow is a contractor duty machine that is hot dip galvanised, and is designed and made to last in Australia