IBF3001 & IBR3001 Liquid Waste Soil Injector

The liquid waste soil injector can be delivered in 3 formats

  • 1.  Front Primary Ripper Bar with Injection Plumbing – Basic setup.
  • 2. Rear Tanker mounted Injector bar – Cultivated soil or shallow injection only
  • 3. Front Primary Ripper Bar + Rear Injection Bar – Ultimate setup for deep soil liquid injection meeting EPA regulations
  • The front primary bar is tractor 3PL mounted ripper toolbar. This bar carries the vacuum tanker by way of a unique drawbar that transfers weight forward onto the tractor rear axle while still maintaining a tight turning angle. This primary bar is fitted with 4 shear pin protected tynes to allow for penetration and depth in virgin soils
  • The secondary bar is mounted behind the vacuum tanker on a 4PL that utilizes the existing tanker mounts. A manifold directs the liquid behind 4 x heavy spring protected chisel plough
  • A hydraulic motor is fitted to the vac pump for superior control and pump protection
  • The 4 tynes are staggered to rip offset to the wheel tracks of the tractor and vac tanker
  • The plumbing is all Cam-locked for easy maintenance.
  • The toolbars are very heavy duty and hot dip galvanized for a long life.