Delta-C and Delta-CA Rippers

The Delta-C and Delta-CA range is designed as a lighter compact version of our Delta-Bar Ripper for smaller tractors

  • 3PL mounted deep ripper that is suited to 80-150hp tractors – standard with fixed shanks, with optional clamp on units to allow growth as tractor power increases
  • 2000 to 3000mm operating widths available
  • 150x150x9mm SHS toolbar – bigger than any similar size machines (although lighter than our DBR3001’s massive 200x200x9mm toolbar)
  • Shanks equipped with a magazine styled shear pin arrangement with 4.5T breakout
  • 32mm Bis400 shanks with 800mm toolbar clearance or HD cast 700mm clearance option (not to be confused with 600mm, light, cast shanks)
  • Shanks are low inversion & staggered to minimise “slabbing”, minimise soil mixing and reduce power requirements, while retaining compactness
  • Optional – depth gauge wheels, HD Cast shanks, Air seeding units
  • The Delta-C Bar is a heavy duty machine that is hot dip galvanised, and is designed and made to last in Australia