DBR Rigid Frame Delta-Bar Ripper

The DBR is designed as a “systems”  single pass, multi-operations machine

  • 3.0m and 4.2m wide 3PL mounted deep ripper that has a unique in-built towbar for pulling a secondary cultivation implement and/or seeder behind it for a single pass operation
  • Massive 200×200 SHS toolbar – 9 or 12.7mm thick
  • Low Inversion staggered shanks minimize “slabbing”, minimise soil mixing and reduce power requirements, while retaining compactness
  • Fitted with 32mm thick Bis400 shanks on 600mm centres with 800mm of toolbar clearance, and with a magazine styled shear pin arrangement on a heavy duty toolbar
  • Fitted with a heavy duty Crusher roller for depth control and soil levelling
  • The Delta Bar is a contractor duty machine that is hot dip galvanised, and is designed and made to last in Australia