CCFS (Crop Crimper Front Steer)   &   CCRM (Crop Crimper Rear Mount)

The Crop Crimper is designed for crimping cover crops ahead of a disc drill in organic farming systems.

  • CCFS – Front Mounted
    • Mounted on the tractor’s front linkage, when combined with a rear mounted disc drill, this machine enables a true 1-pass sowing operation for the most environmentally friendly agricultural systems
    • Passive steering minimises load on the tractor and machine while allowing easy contouring and directional adjustments.
    • Lateral float ensures excellent ground following capabilities
  • CCRM – Rear Mounted
    • Equipped with a HD rear tow hitch to allow a disc seeder to be drawn for a true 1-pass operation
    • Fitted with air seeder mounts for applying pasture mixes while crop crimping or destroying thistles and burrs
  • 600mm diameter roller with 12 x 10mm Bisalloy blades for effective crimping and durability
  • The main frame is hot dip galvanised
  • The Crop Crimper is a contractor duty machine, and is designed and made to last in Australia